Gem Exteriors inc. attended the Duro-Last Spring products and Capabilities Seminar on Thursday, April 4th 2013.


The event was thrown by the Chicago land sales team. Located at Maggiano’s Little Italy in Oak Brook, IL.
Jason Dark started the ball rolling and then was joined by Troy Osborne and Jeff Denenberg. The three proceeded to drill into our heads the vast amounts of products and their relative capabilities.
Tim Hart Jumped in to explain the company architecture. (What a charismatic speaker)
Duro-Guard Insulation was then expanded on by Matt Peterson just before a much needed break.
After break, Paul Mullins told us why USG Securock will a household word, surpassing even the word “Sheetrock”.
Mike Harak of 3M hat to STICK his 2 cents in, with a great explanation of how the Duro-Grip Adhesives work.
We where peeled out of Mikes lecture by lunch. I feel so fat now.
Then it was back to Jeff and Troy to let us know what they could do for us. I don’t know about the rest of the contractors, all I know is I rely on Troy for a plethora of knowledge.
Exepional Metals was represented by Art Gilles. He went over all the new products that they have.
The Seminar was closed by Tim Hart, re-enforcing the bond between, Manufacturer, Contractor, and Customer.
Duro-Last is not only for themselves, they’re looking for Us, and You.