Using FLIR Tomography, Gem Exteriors Inc. takes the guess work out finding leaks.

Proper maintenance can double the life of a flat or low-slope roof!

Ask how a thermal image inspection can help detect roof problems before it before they get out of hand.

With state of the art imaging technology and software, leak locations can be a breeze. The flow of water can be traced back to it’s source, sometimes more than 20 feet from the dripping inside.

We can detect water-saturated insulation in flat-roof systems to locate damaged portions of roofing structure. All without cutting a single hole in the roof.

  • Locate air leakage resulting from improperly installed or worn seals on windows and doors.
  • Verify missing, damaged or incorrectly installed insulation.
  • Detect moisture intrusion and the possible existence of mold or mildew.
  • Extend the life of roofs by locating and fixing leaks.
  • Locate damaged or unsealed components of HVAC/R systems (air conditioning, heating, air handlers, and refrigeration).