Okay, maybe it’s not news, but it’s something homeowners in the McHenry County should be looking at before making the decision to not hire a roofer to do that simple roofing job you’ve been pondering over. Back in October of 2016 Mchenry County adopted the International Residential Code 2015. The ordinance 0-201610-10-036 which amends the International Residential Code and replaces the older ordinance 0-2016-08-10-027 comes complete with a list of fines.
With only 11 pages it doesn’t look too intimidating, until you realize that it’s only the pro-log to the IRC of over 700 pages, which covers everything from your sidewalk, decks, windows, siding, roofing,… and the list goes on. Even the most qualified roofer or veteran deck builder may have to go over it twice.

That’s where Gem Exteriors comes in. We’ve been using the IRC2015 since it’s adoption in Cook County. We’re familiar with all the paperwork that that needs to be filed and the scheduling process. We’ve heard the horror stories of the finished his deck only to have the building inspector say tear it down so I can see the depth of the pillars. Or the guy who sided his house only to told to pay a fine and rip it off because it doesn’t meet with IRC2015.

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