Nova brik 4.0

Let Gem Exteriors transform your home, from everyday siding to  nova brik

Novabrik is a patented mortarless brick siding system. The high strength concrete bricks overlap and interlock to create a strong, water resistant brick veneer.

Novabrik can be installed on wood studs, steel studs and concrete structures. Application on innovative Building systems like Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) systems and Steel Buildings is very easy and cost effective. Because the bricks hang on the wall, no brick ledge or steel support is necessary for support. This self-supporting property makes Novabrik a perfect product for remodeling homes with vinyl or aluminum siding.

It is used in residential construction, for new homes and remodeling, and in commercial construction as well as large or small projects.

All the inconveniences of mortar have been eliminated. Novabrik can be installed in freezing temperatures without the additional costs usually incurred in winter with conventional masonry installation. There is no variation in the mortar joint color or thickness and no height limitation for installation in a single day. There is no mortar joint to maintain over the life of the building.